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Because you don't want excess skin
And you don't want surgery either.

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This is the one & only skincare product formulated to optimize your skin's health DURING weight loss, so your skin can ADJUST to your AWESOME success, and thereby prevent the development of excess skin.


The 2x Daily
Massager Serum

  • The Original & Only Product to Prevent EXCESS SKIN
  • For Use DURING and IN PREP for Weight Loss
  • Optimizes Skin's Health to Speed Cellular Regeneration
  • ​​Skin Better Adjusts to Your Success, Day by Day, Pound by Pound
  • ​Helps Skin Build New Cells Full of Collagen and Elastin
  • ​Nourishes & Hydrates
  • ​Boosts an Environment of Reduced Inflammation, Increased Oxygen
  • ​Protects from Infections between folds of skin
  • ​Combined with MASSAGE that boosts both blood and lymphatic circulation 

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE EXFOLIATION AND A BARRIER CREAM... then all you need is the 2x Daily Massager Serum. This is the one & only skincare product formulated to meet your skin's needs DURING weight loss, to prevent the development of excess skin.

This is a Monthly Subscription.   No-Risk Satisfaction Guarantee.   Cancel Any Time.

"I was pleased to discover that it's a soft, good-feeling serum that leaves your skin feeling soft and smelling nice. A little bit goes a long way, so the product should last a while, but you don't get the oily, too-much cream feeling that you sometimes get from hand moisturizers.
I used this product TWICE DAILY IN AN AREA WHERE I REGULARLY GET SOME LOOSE SKIN WHEN I DIET. I lost about three pounds during the time I was using the product, and DIDN'T NOTICE ANY LOOSENESS. If anything, MY SKIN FELT FIRMER.
Great product that (in my experience) WORKS AS INTENDED."

- ANNALISE, age 31

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2x Daily Massager Serum
$87.00 / month
High-performance serum formulated to optimize your skin's health, to help skin keep up with successful weight loss. Subscription: 1 bottle per month. Satisfaction guaranteed. Cancel anytime.

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